New Google Drive File Stream

Google Drive File Stream is a new desktop application that allows you to access your Google Drive directly from your computer and uses almost none of your hard disk space. With Google Drive File Stream, you stream your Google Drive files directly from the cloud to your PC or Mac, freeing up disk space and network bandwidth. Because the Drive files are stored in the cloud, any changes you or your collaborators make are automatically updated everywhere. You’ll always have the latest version.

With Drive File Stream, you can:

  • Quickly see all your Google Drive files in Finder/Explorer (including Team Drives).
  • Browse and organize Google Drive files without downloading all of them to your computer.
  • Choose which files or folders you’d like to make available offline if you’re working from home or a laptop.
  • Open files in common apps like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.

Google Drive File Stream is available for Windows and Mac users to try now. To install go to Applications on the desktop, next go into the All folder, and double-click the Google Drive File Stream installer. After the install has been completed you’ll be prompted to log in with your college Google account and allow access to your drive. You should now see Drive I in Windows Explorer alongside your other network drives.

You can also install Google Drive File Stream on your home computer or laptop. To download the installer go to install Drive File Stream >>

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