Getting the most from Google Chrome

There’s a stunningly simple thing you can do with Google Chrome that can solve headaches and annoyances related to logging in to various google services, or not being able to see the printerpool printers.

If you’ve not already discovered, you are able to log into chrome itself with your google account. Once you’ve done this, everything that happens inside of chrome is done in the context of your user account. In short, this ensures that you get a consistent experience within chrome whether you’re using it at college, at home, on a chromebook, or on your phone or tablet.

All of our institutional plugins for chrome are automatically installed once you log in with your username / password; as well as the ability to print to college printers – to run that by you again, if you log into chrome on your phone, you can send work to print out from home, and simply walk up to a printer to release it the next morning.

Here comes the science bit;

In Windows 7/8/10 or Linux, you’ll see a user icon located near the window minimise/maximise controls.

On a Macintosh computer, the window controls are over on the other side, but the login mechanism still shows either an icon or the word ‘Guest’ at the top right of the window.









Once You’ve logged in, your name or username will appear, to let you know that you’re running chrome in the context of your college user account. Once you’re logged in, why not head over to google drive or docs?  Because you’ve already provided chrome with your username and password by logging in, it already knows who you are, and won’t ask you – and for google services like drive and docs – you’ll be logged straight in as that user!  When you’re finished working in chrome with your college account, chrome allows you to very easily log out [by again, clicking on the user icon or username], or simply open a new window either as a guest user or with your own personal account.

So there you go; a simple way to carry your chrome-based setup around with you from device to device – and speed up your access to google services!

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