Want to stop yourself checking your phone every 5 minutes? You need to try Forest.

Forest is a productivity app with a difference. We’ve seen Cold Turkey that will lock you out of your phone or computer to allow you to focus on your work. Well, Forest allows you to be more in control of your choices and device use instead of just locking you out.

You start with a little seedling and over the time you leave your phone, it will grow into a bush or tree. The longer you leave it, the bigger it will be and the more you do will reward you with coins. You can then use coins to unlock new types of trees to create a unique forest.


The app is free on Android devices with a PRO version available for £1.79 that unlocks some extra features, some of these features are listed below. The app costs £1.99 for iOS devices and unlock all the features instantly, there isn’t a free version for iOS.

Custom Phrases

Add custom phrases to what is shown while your tree is growing.

Whitelist (Android Only)

Let certain apps be used without killing the tree. Perfect for research apps you might want to use for example.

Plant Real Trees

You can use the coins you get from growing trees to purchase a real tree that the company will plant somewhere in the world.


Compete with or help friends by comparing each other’s progress in the app/

Cloud Save

Save your forest to the cloud so when you get a new phone, you won’t lose your forest.

Chrome Extension

You can add Forest to Chrome using this extension, where you can set a Blacklist and a Whitelist. The Blacklist allows you to set a load of websites that you want to avoid visiting, leaving the rest of the internet open whereas the Whitelist allows you to set some websites that you can only visit, meaning any other website counts as a fail.

Although you can grow trees with the extension, they won’t get added into a forest unless you are logged in to the extension. You can only log in to the extension if you have paid for the app.

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