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The Conversation is a non-profit, charity, independent news outfit that sources its content from academic sources and researchers to help you keep up to date with the world away from the noise of the mainstream media. Take a look at

They rely purely on donations from readers and academic bodies, they have no corporate backing, adverts or paywalls. They believe in an open world where information is available to all. In this day and age, this is rare.


The homepage of The Conversation includes the most current stories and information they have to offer and, simply, you have a bar along the top with different topics so you can sort the content as you please.

They have a range of topics available, it can change regularly depending on what topic of news is most popular at any given time.

You can read which researchers at the University of Cambridge believe that ‘Green growth’ won’t save the planet.

Find out how the Marvel Universe helps children and adults understand the world around them from a Psychology Lecturer at the University of Glasgow.

Even more interstingly, find out how, in theory, we could move the Earth away from the sun from a Space Systems Engineering Lecturer at the University of Glasgow.

Or more close to home, at the University of Southampton, find out what a Theoretical Physics Professor learned when she was a student of Stephen Hawking.

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