We started using Open Broadcaster Software [OBS] here at Barton Peveril a couple of years back, it’s available for Windows, MacOS and various flavours of Linux. OBS is a tool that allows you to run a virtualised TV Studio control room on your computer.

You might wonder why you’d possibly need this tool for teaching, but have a think about these possible use cases;

  • OBS can use webcams in the classroom, plus a microphone, to capture everything – the student’s questions, the contents of your screen or projector, or even just a particular window. This captured content can be laid out how you’d like it visually, and then either recorded to a file and shared with students unable to attend, or it can be broadcast live, as-it-happens!
  • OBS can run a technology showcase during an open evening; using a green screen and a couple of webcams, OBS can put students, prospective students, staff or parents behind the desk in the Sky News studio, or the middle of a pack of hungry Velociraptors.
  • OBS can capture a live computer screen, and broadcast it out using web-friendly technology, broadcasting it out to other departments, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and our digital signage system.

These aren’t just use-cases, these are things that OBS has actually already done at Barton Peveril. Want to know the beast bit? OBS is free, open-source software. Staff and students can download and use it for free on their own computers! If you’ve got any questions about OBS, pop up and speak to Ben or Martin, they’re always interested in creative uses of this technology!

OBS is available from the following webpage; https://obsproject.com/

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