HabitBull is a companion app that helps you keep track of your day, break habits and set yourself routines.

HabitBull isn’t strictly ‘Digital Learning’ but it’s important to look after your wellbeing and this is a simple yet powerful tool to keep track of your day to day routines and help you break your unwanted habits.

The idea of HabitBull came from Seinfeld’s productivity secret: Don’t break the chain! The app works in the same way but instead of a big wall calendar, this one is digital. Each day you see your streak become longer, after a while you really won’t want to break the streak so you just keep going.

It’s a simple concept, you set your target or habit title and each day you complete that target you get a green circle around the date on the calendar.

That being said, it will only work if you are serious about breaking your habit and it’s best to start with only one or two targets so you don’t have too much to think about. It’s also recommended to set a deadline for yourself, don’t say “I want to go for a run every single day for the rest of my life” but try “I want to go for a run every day for the next 14 days” so it’s actually something to aim for.

The free version of HabitBull allows you to track 5 different habits, be reminded about these habits and gives you motivational messages and images.

You can download this for Android and iOS.

Premium Features

If you upgrade to premium for a one off £7.49 you can have access to the following features:

  • Track up to 100 habits
  • Cloud backup
  • Multi-device syncing
  • Widgets
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