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If This Then That is unique app that allows you to link your apps and devices in new ways. For example, you can get it to automatically log all phone calls to a Google Sheet or upload any photo you put on Instagram as a native photo on Twitter.

IFTTT calls the tasks ‘recipes’, as in you put a load of different bits in to get a final outcome.

Examples of what you can do with IFTTT:

  • Get a daily text with the weather report for the day
  • Automatically log time and telephone number to Google Sheets each time you get a phone call
  • Set your phone to silent when you get to work or college
  • Upload all screenshots you take on your phone straight to Google Drive

Personally, i have a habit of putting my phone down at home in odd places then not being able to find it, or because it’s a sturdy Android device I throw it somewhere and have no idea where it’s landed. I have a recipe set up so when I ask my Google Home device ‘Where’s my phone?’, IFTTT will turn my phone on to the maximum volume and sends a call through so I can find it easily.

There are so many different possibilities with this, have a look at the video below for just 10 of them.

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