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WolframAlpha is an app and service that allows you to compute expert-level answers using their breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase and AI technology.

There isn’t an easy way to describe Wolfram Alpha so I’ll take the description straight from the creators:

” Wolfram|Alpha takes questions—from arithmetic to calculus, from conversions to complex systems—and calculates the answers.
Try your most challenging problems at wolframalpha.com. “

” With our massive, crowdsourced collection of real-world data, models, methods and algorithms, you can compute anything in any subject, from algebra to zoology. By gathering and building on systematized knowledge from science, math, language and more, Wolfram|Alpha provides a definitive source for getting real answers to factual queries—putting the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. ”

If that doesn’t quite make sense, take a look at the video below:

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