With Google Sites, you can quickly create a website to gather a variety of information in one place – including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text – and easily share it for viewing with your class, course or the entire college.

Creating a web page using Google Sites is as simple as writing a document, and you can easily embed Google Docs, Slides and YouTube videos to develop interactive websites.

You can access the new Google Sites by logging into Google Sites and then select “Create”.

Getting Started

To help you get started we’ve created a series of short Google Sites training videos.

1. Creating your site

In this video, we’ll look at the advantages of using Google Sites over other products and give an overview of creating your first site. You’ll also learn how the responsive template and layout designs automatically adjust for screen size making Sites work great on any device.

2. Adding text and images

Learn how to add text and images to create a layout.

3. Site navigation

Getting website navigation right will help your students find the content and resources they’re looking for. Google Sites helps you by automatically creating your navigation menus based on the pages you add.

4. Adding dynamic content

Google Sites integrates with many other Google services so, for example:

  • your pages can be normal text, blog-style, list archives of files etc;
  • you can include Google Forms to gather data from people;
  • content from Google Sheets, Maps, and Calendars can be embedded.

5. Sharing and collaboration

With Google Sites you can collaborate with other editors or limit who can view your Site.

6. Preview and publish your site

When you’re ready to launch your site, preview how the final product will look before publishing it to the college.

Google Sites Advanced Tips

Add a blog to your Google Sites

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