Workbench hosts a huge range of features. Whether you’re looking for some pre-made lessons on a specific topic or want to find some basic tasks for your lesson, you might want to track your student progress visually or learn code yourself there is a wealth of content across the site. Plus, it’s free for education!

Workbench is a promising tool for student-centered learning. It contains a library of ready-made lessons on a range of topics include Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art and you can even create your own. Workbench integrates with Google Classroom allowing you to easily post student-directed lessons to your classes with simple to follow instructions. Once you’ve signed in, you just need your students to sign up to Workbench with their college Google account then you can sync your Google Classroom classes and it will link their student accounts. Next, simply find a lesson within Workbench and assign it to a class of your choice as work they need to complete.

Take a look at their ‘Getting Started’ lesson to learn about all the features available in Workbench.

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