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The mote Chrome extension makes it easy to add voice note feedback for students within Google Docs, Google Classroom, Slides and Sheets. You can quickly add a comment in simple terms without having to worry about how it may come across in the written word. mote’s mission is to make document collaboration faster, friendlier and more powerful. Online […]

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Keybr is another app to help you learn how to touch type or to just improve your typing speed. Learning this now will help you in later life, it improves your efficiency when taking notes or completing normal work tasks. The great thing about Keybr is that once you’ve started typing and gone through a […]

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It’s made by the same team who made Forest, one of our recommended focus apps so you can pair the two together and really focus your time and energy on things other than your phone. How it works: 3 steps to a healthy sleep schedule Set your own challenging bedtime and wake-up goal. Open the […]

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TypingClub is an effective way to learn how to touch type for free! In this modern world, touch typing is an invaluable tool, for a lot of jobs typing quick is key to being efficient. It can also help in your education by allowing you to type your notes quicker when in a lecture. Although […]

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Get Revising

Get Revising is filled with smart revision tools and tips to help boost your grades. As part of The Student Room, you can be sure it’s got a good team behind it and a trusted name. It’s filled with past papers and quick quizzes to help you learn more about whatever subject you need, all […]