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5 Top Tips for Google Sheets

Split text into columns You can easily split some data from a single cell into separate columns. A good example of this is a list of student names where their first and last name is in the same cell, you can split the first and last name into different columns with a couple of clicks. […]

5 Top Tips for Google Slides

Embed a timer In some lessons, you might want to let the conversation flow but others you might want to set a time limit on discussions. You might want to give the students 5 minutes to do a specific piece of work but sometimes get distracted and lose track of the time. You can easily […]

The 12 Apps of Christmas: 2. Google Jamboard

The season of advent is upon us, shops are covered in tinsel, and Christmas songs are playing on the radio. That means it’s time for The 12 Apps of Christmas! During December the IT Services team and other contributors will be sharing our favourite digital learning apps and tools. A festive series of new blog […]


5 Top Tips for Google Forms

These 5 tips will help you streamline your Google Forms usage and save you some time. Google Sheets Responses Google Forms can automatically send all responses to a Google Sheets document so you can easily view and filter the data you are receiving. This means you can easily make your own tables and charts with […]