Differences between Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro

Some of our users may have been accustomed to Final Cut Pro X on the MacOS platform; while it can be a great tool for cutting video, we’ve moved to Adobe Premiere Pro in order to give you a more rounded video editing experience, with some nice added bonuses. Here’s a quick primer on the key differences;

Final Cut Pro X:

  • is only available on an Apple computer
  • your work is stored on one single computer
  • if that computer fails, it can take a long time to locate and reclaim large video projects from the backup
  • because work is stored on a single computer’s hard drive, this increases the daily wear-and-tear on that computer, this results in higher occurrences of broken-down machines.

Adobe Premiere:

  • is available on any Windows PC or Apple computer at the college.
  • your work is stored on a central file server, it’s safe.
  • if your computer breaks down or is in use by another student, you can simply login on another computer and continue working on your project, whether that’s on the next desk over, or in another building.
  • Premiere has built-in support for linking with Photoshop and After Effects.
  • Premiere and After Effects allow a huge amount of control over keyframe animation of pretty much any value; it’s a great tool for motion graphics animators and filmmakers alike.

With the move to premiere, video editing is now more mobile than before, we hope that this leads to increased productivity and less downtime!