Printing to the PrinterPool

Printing to the PrinterPool is the same as printing to any other printer, yet the PrinterPool doesn’t limit you to a specific physical printer. Your print job is held in a queue which only you can release when you log in to one the machines around the site.

College-owned devices such as Windows PC workstations and departmental or teacher Chromebooks have the PrinterPool pre-installed and ready to use.

You can also print to the PrinterPool from your own device. Find out how in this article.

To print, simply check that the PrinterPool is the chosen printer and then set your print preferences, such as a colour or greyscale, single or double sided, and the paper size.

Check your print preferences

Always check your print preferences before you print. Do not rely on the defaults as they can change depending on the device you are using. For example, Chrome devices will remember the preferences you last used, which might not be what you want for your next print.

You can only print on A4 and A3 paper using the PrinterPool, so make sure your paper size is set correctly. If you try to print on another paper size, such as US Letter, your print will be denied and you will not be charged.

Stapling and hole punching

Some of the PrinterPool machines will staple and hole punch your document for you. On Windows and Mac, you can select these options under the normal print preferences. On Chromebooks, there are four PrinterPool printers: one for each combination of stapling and hole punching. See this article for more information.

Stapling and hole punching is only available on machines with the additional unit installed as shown below.