Mote has recently had an update! Many staff are already using Mote, which is a Chrome extension we invested in last year. It empowers staff and students to provide verbal feedback and add voice notes to Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The latest update for Mote now enables you to add audio to Google Forms and students can also respond to a form using audio.

To find out more then watch the Mote for Google Forms video where I demo how this works.

Mote Certified EducatorIf you’re already using Mote, then I highly recommend becoming a Mote Certified Educator. You will need to demonstrate your mote knowledge and will earn an exclusive certification. It’s a great way of becoming familiar with all of Mote’s features. You just need to get at least 12 out of 15 questions right and there is video help too. ➡️ Apply Now

You’ve probably already heard of Google Forms, or even already been sent a questionnaire made using Google Forms. But Forms isn’t just used for surveys and questionnaires, you can do so much more with it.

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These 5 tips will help you streamline your Google Forms usage and save you some time.

Google Sheets Responses

Google Forms can automatically send all responses to a Google Sheets document so you can easily view and filter the data you are receiving. This means you can easily make your own tables and charts with the information you have. It’s updated instantly when someone submits a response to a form, you just need to turn it on.

To do that, open your form and click on to the Responses tab. You can turn it on at any point in a form and all the data will be added in even if people have already responded. On this page there will be a green Sheets icon, if you click this icon it will ask if you want to create a new spreadsheet or send the responses to a new spreadsheet. Select which one you would prefer and click Create.

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Google for Education Tuesday Tips!

Google G Suite for Education “Tuesday Tips” is a weekly spotlight on Google’s education tools. Unfortunately, we can’t take credit for this one. Google for Education #GoogleEdu share tips to help teachers with Google Classroom and Google Forms. These tips are released every Tuesday, and they come in the form of a published Google Slide deck (see embedded slides below).

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