ThingLink allows you to seamlessly make any photo, video or 360 content into an interactive experience with text, links, sound, images, videos and calls to action.

You can narrate a 360 tour, make an infographic, create an interactive treasure map or just document your holiday. There are so many possibilities with ThingLink.

Want to learn more about ThingLink? Take a look at their slide-deck.

The example below I made quickly in 5 minutes, hover your mouse and click on the little information tags on the image. Scroll down to the bottom to see a 360 example from Nagh-Jahan Square in Iran,

Flipgrid is an educational social media that allows students to record and share short videos with you and the class. A brilliant tool for any class, especially language classes.

Flipgrid is a great example of the Social Learning model. It’s easy to create an online discussion between everyone in a class and because the students need to record videos, they speak thoughtfully and plan their responses. Students can also reply to others in the class using videos or images for a full, controlled, educational social media experience.

The best bit? It’s free for education! There is even a comprehensive Flipgrid Educator’s Guide available that starts at creating an account then goes through managing grids, collaborating and other innovative ways to use Flipgrid.

Explain Everything is an online whiteboard built so you can teach, present, sketchnote, create videos and collaborate in a class.

Have a quick look at their tour of the Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard from their co-founder.

Pear Deck links up with Google Slides so you can create interactive presentations and assessments to boost your student engagement.

Mentimeter allows presenters to interact with their audience with real-time voting.

Mentimeter is an interactive presentation app that allows you to receive real-time feedback whilst you are giving your presentation. The best use of this is that you can ask questions in the presentation and get results straight away.

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