Flipgrid is an educational social media that allows students to record and share short videos with you and the class. A brilliant tool for any class, especially language classes.

Flipgrid is a great example of the Social Learning model. It’s easy to create an online discussion between everyone in a class and because the students need to record videos, they speak thoughtfully and plan their responses. Students can also reply to others in the class using videos or images for a full, controlled, educational social media experience.

The best bit? It’s free for education! There is even a comprehensive Flipgrid Educator’s Guide available that starts at creating an account then goes through managing grids, collaborating and other innovative ways to use Flipgrid.

Automatic Substitution

If you want to save yourself some time, in the long run, you can set some Automatic Substitution to automatically change words that you type in. For example, if there are certain words you spell incorrectly all the time, you can save time by putting in the incorrect spelling and the correct spelling. This will save you time as the change will be made instantly instead of having to use Spell Checker.
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