Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard app that allows you to collaborate with others and join together your ideas.

Jamboard is Google’s answer to an Interactive Whiteboard, originally designed and marketed with a portable 55-inch, 4k display. Google have since released Android and iOS apps for it, perfect for touchscreen Chromebooks here at Barton! Even if you don’t have a touchscreen device you can still connect to a Jam on your web browser at

It is connected to G Suite so you can log in with your College credentials as normal giving you the ability to present, edit and share files with Google services like Drive, Sheets, and Slides.

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Copyright laws around what images can and cannot be used can be confusing, especially since most photos on Google Image search are not allowed to be used elsewhere. You should not just go on to Google, search for a photo and take it off any random website you want.

We regularly use a number of different websites to get free, high-quality images to use on our blogs, website, and presentations. These images are purposefully put on to these websites by the owners for anyone to use for free. There really are some nice people out there.

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