Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard app that allows you to collaborate with others and join together your ideas.

Jamboard is Google’s answer to an Interactive Whiteboard, originally designed and marketed with a portable 55-inch, 4k display. Google have since released Android and iOS apps for it, perfect for touchscreen Chromebooks here at Barton! Even if you don’t have a touchscreen device you can still connect to a Jam on your web browser at

It is connected to G Suite so you can log in with your College credentials as normal giving you the ability to present, edit and share files with Google services like Drive, Sheets, and Slides.

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Kahoot! is a game based classroom response system allowing a full class to play quizzes and take surveys in real time.

Socrative Student gives assessment questions in a variety of formats and games once the student has joined the Teachers Room.

Socrative Teacher allows the teacher to set and start fun quizzes and games for the students in their class, also providing instant grades and data based on the results.

Socrative is a great, easy to use, educational tool to create engaging quizzes and assessments. In the words of the creators, “Visualizing student understanding has never been easier“.

As a teacher, you can set up a quick quiz and give students a code to type into on the Socrative app, then they all go through the quiz and you get the results instantly on your screen.

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Quizlet is an easy way to study, practise and master what you’re learning. Create your own flashcards or pick from millions of sets created by other users.

Quizlet is a mobile and web-based study app that allows you to study information using tools and games. They suggest that over 90% of students who use Quizlet are seeing improvements in their results overall, that combined with the sheer amount of resources available makes this app an invaluable tool for learning.

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There’s a stunningly simple thing you can do with Google Chrome that can solve headaches and annoyances related to logging in to various google services, or not being able to see the printerpool printers.

If you’ve not already discovered, you are able to log into chrome itself with your google account. Once you’ve done this, everything that happens inside of chrome is done in the context of your user account. In short, this ensures that you get a consistent experience within chrome whether you’re using it at college, at home, on a chromebook, or on your phone or tablet.

All of our institutional plugins for chrome are automatically installed once you log in with your username / password; as well as the ability to print to college printers – to run that by you again, if you log into chrome on your phone, you can send work to print out from home, and simply walk up to a printer to release it the next morning.

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