Mentimeter allows presenters to interact with their audience with real-time voting.

Mentimeter is an interactive presentation app that allows you to receive real-time feedback whilst you are giving your presentation. The best use of this is that you can ask questions in the presentation and get results straight away.

This app allows you to get anonymous, real-time feedback whilst you are giving your presentation. You can add quizzes and single questions to your presentation to give the audience a voice in what is happening.

It’s simple to use for both the presenter and the listeners. An intuitive user interface allows you to customize your presentation as you want it and all your audience needs to do is go to and enter a code that will be generated and displayed on the screen when you start your presentation.

It’s simple to use and all of the key features are completely free. Obviously, it does mean that everyone in your lesson will need access to an internet enabled device.

One great feature is Word Cloud, you ask the question and every answer the audience provides is then instantly thrown into a Word Cloud where it adapts each time another answer is submitted. The more results of the same answer, the bigger that answer will be on the screen.

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