You’ve probably already heard of Google Forms, or even already been sent a questionnaire made using Google Forms. But Forms isn’t just used for surveys and questionnaires, you can do so much more with it.

If you aren’t aware of what Forms is, it’s Google’s free collaborative survey program in GSuite. You can use it to build surveys and questionnaire’s for internal and external responses.

If you need a little guidance then feel free to take a look at our Guide to Google Forms page on the IT website.

We made a post a little while ago about 5 Top Tips for Google Forms that go through the basics of some extra things you can do with Forms that most people aren’t aware of.

Google also had a ‘Tuesday Tips for Forms’ that ran for 70 weeks with tips and suggestions from teachers around the world on how they get the most out of Google Forms. Some of the examples include inserting mathematical equations into a form or creating a digital reading log.

You can easily manage your responses using Google Sheets, create a quiz that grades itself so you don’t have to or even create text adventure games such as our basic game below – Can you find the IT Office?

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