The Educational Duct Tape Podcast by @JakeMillerTech share how educational technology can be used to meet goals, address learning standards and solve problems in the classroom, just as duct tape can be used as a tool to solve a plethora of problems. Episdes of #EduDuctTape cover a range of #EdTech tools from Google’s G Suite for Education, FlipGrid, Screencastify, and WeVideo.

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Also checkout Jake’s library of GIFs for quick EdTech how-to’s.

Here’s an example of Jake’s GIFs showing how to combine Google Sheets with Google Translate.

The Suite Talk podcast mission is to give educators around the world best practices and guidance for implementing educational technology in the classroom. This podcast focuses on giving ideas of how to use the features of Google for Education to provide the best digital learning environment for students.

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Workbench hosts a huge range of features. Whether you’re looking for some pre-made lessons on a specific topic or want to find some basic tasks for your lesson, you might want to track your student progress visually or learn code yourself there is a wealth of content across the site. Plus, it’s free for education!

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With Google Sites, you can quickly create a website to gather a variety of information in one place – including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text – and easily share it for viewing with your class, course or the entire college.

Creating a web page using Google Sites is as simple as writing a document, and you can easily embed Google Docs, Slides and YouTube videos to develop interactive websites.

You can access the new Google Sites by logging into Google Sites and then select “Create”.

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Kahoot! is a game based classroom response system allowing a full class to play quizzes and take surveys in real time.

FlippedLaw is your complete guide to A Level Law and includes resources written by experienced, successful law teachers and examiners.

It covers Contract Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Tort Law, Law Making, the English Legal System and the Concepts of Law.

It is a paid for subscription but whilst at Barton Peveril, you can log in and use it for free, just speak to the Library for a username and password.

Integral Maths host a comprehensive collection of maths resources covering AS/A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Core Maths & more.

It is a paid subscription that we have a username and password for, you can use this as long as you are a student at Barton Peveril. You can find the username and password at

Have a look at their video below giving a quick run-through of the Integral system and how it can benefit you.

Toontastic 3D is a creative storytelling app that allows anyone to draw, animate and narrate their own 3D cartoon.

Perfect for any age, anyone can turn an idea into a 3D cartoon. Make an adventure story, a science report or whatever you want! It’s built by Google so it’s dead simple to use.

You start by designing your characters, then plot your story, next it’s the fun animation and narration and finally before you save it, you can add background music.

Padlet is a collaborative, creative, interactive multimedia bulletin board. You can create a reference board, moodboard or any other type of board.

Padlet allows you to create ‘padlets’ which are online boards, you can then add content to these boards to tie multiple ideas and pieces together.

Maybe you’re creating a reference board for a photography project? You can add your own drawings, example images from your computer or from Google, voice clippings that you’ve created for notes and even a map to save shoot locations. Or maybe you are in a small project group for an English class, you can add on questions and other users can then add voice, text or handwritten notes in response. There are so many possibilities. You can create brainstorm boards, flow charts, infographics.

Take a look at this example of a class Photo Contest, each student has their own column.

And this example pulling content about Roald Dahl from many different sources.

There is a Padlet guide in the video below if you want to explore it a bit more.

Flipgrid is an educational social media that allows students to record and share short videos with you and the class. A brilliant tool for any class, especially language classes.

Flipgrid is a great example of the Social Learning model. It’s easy to create an online discussion between everyone in a class and because the students need to record videos, they speak thoughtfully and plan their responses. Students can also reply to others in the class using videos or images for a full, controlled, educational social media experience.

The best bit? It’s free for education! There is even a comprehensive Flipgrid Educator’s Guide available that starts at creating an account then goes through managing grids, collaborating and other innovative ways to use Flipgrid.