Flipboard collates content from across the web based on your interests so you only see what you want to see.

Flipboard is a news collaboration app and website that allows you to keep up to date with your subject areas and only see news on the things you’re interested in.

Setting up an account and getting started at flipboard.com takes less than a minute.

You’ll start being asked to follow 3 or more topics from a list, this will form the basis of your For You magazine. You can then add more magazines based on themes or create your own.

The website and app look extremely similar, just changing for different screen sizes.


Flipboard sorts news articles into magazines, you start with a For You area and a 10forToday which showcases 10 fascinating articles from around the world, these articles change each day.

You then have a What’s your passion? button along the top of the screen, this allows you to then create a magazine based on a specific theme. Flipboard will suggest around 50 of the current most popular topics but also has a search function for those more niche topics you love so much.

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