The Google Classroom Android App is the best companion app for the Google Classroom system.

It provides quick and easy access for teachers to manage their classes and for students to upload work and view assignments.

Annotate Assignments with Google Classroom

The Google Classroom Android and iOS app allows you to digitally annotate assignments using a touchscreen Chromebook or tablet to provide feedback for students.

To Do / Notifications

There is a To Do list feature where you can see every assignment that you haven’t completed. You can also easily see your Notifications for comments and invites to make sure you are up to date with everything you need to do. You can see this in the gif below, on the left.

Student Selector (Teachers Only)

When you are the Teacher of a class in Classroom, you can use the Student Selector tool to randomly select a student in your class. You can then go through the list until each student has been picked or reset it to throw their names back into the hat. Perfect if students are a little reluctant to raise their hands to answer questions. You can see this in the gif below, on the right.

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