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Google Arts & Culture is an online platform that allows you to view high-resolution images of artworks from around the world.

The Google Arts & Culture app hosts content from over 1200 museums and archives from across the world with tens of thousands of individual pieces of content including 360 degree videos of places and events, street views of locations like the Taj Mahal or Machu Pichu, or even inside views of the Palace of Versailles for example.

You can look for historical street art or narrow down your search by a specific colour or time.

The Chrome Extension shows you a new piece of art each time you create a new tab in Chrome.

Now with VR and AR, you can walk around museums and other amazing buildings from around the world.

The mobile device app allows you to use VR/AR to view art in a new way, some of the features are listed below along with video examples of how to use them:

  • Art Selfie
    • Take a quick selfie and the app will compare it with thousands of pieces of art from throughout history to find someone who looks like you.
  • Colour Palette
    • Take a photo of an item nearby then the app will search for more art with the same colours, perfect if creating a moodboard based on a specific colour.
  • Pocket Gallery
    • Use AR to walk round already created art exhibits without having to leave the room.
  • Art Projector
    • Use AR to place paintings and artwork infront of you so you can see the true scale of the pieces.

Art Selfie

Colour Palette

What is VR, AR and Google Cardboard?

Pocket Gallery

Art Projector

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