Adobe Premiere Pro – Saving your Video Files to the V:\ Drive

When we work with video we need to be mindful about where we are storing our footage.

It needs to be put somewhere that’s fast enough to reliably read and write video files from, and it needs to be somewhere that’s safe and backed up.

In your case, that’s the V: drive that can bee seen when you log into Windows.

When you explore the V: drive, you may find that it’s empty if you’re a first year, or if you’re a second or third year, there may well be footage that we’ve moved over for you to work with from last year.

  • if there isn’t anything there yet, don’t panic – we’ve a lot of data to move, so it will show up!

While you might find that you can save video files onto the R [resources] drive, this is not advised by IT Services; since the V: drive is really meant for static data, and is in no way tuned for performance when it comes to video editing.

If it’s a Video, it goes on the V: drive.