Why Do I Need an ID Badge?

Why do I need an ID card?

Your ID card is needed to identify you as a member of the college.

You will need to:

  • Use the library
  • Release print jobs
  • Top up your print credit
  • In some places you will need your card to access rooms e.g. Music rooms or bike sheds.

Do I need my card on me at all times?

Yes you do! All staff and students have photo ID which they should carry with them at all times.

How is my card used for printing?

All printer pool machines have card readers on them, hold the card near the card reader and it will log you on. You can also log into the printers manually by using the keyboard on the screen to release print jobs etc.

How long is my card valid?

Your card is valid for the whole of your study time at BP.

What do I do if I lose or damage my card?

Take care of your card. They will not work if they are damaged. You can get a replacement card from the IT Helpdesk at a cost of £5