Reprographics: ‍5. FAQ

How long will it take to complete my order?

The normal turnaround time for an order is between 2 and 5 days, but all orders are processed as soon as possible. At peak times of the year, such as the lead up to teaching in September, orders may take longer to be completed.

Urgent printing should be done using the self-service machines around the site.

I’ve made a mistake on an order. Can I change it?

If the status of the order is New then you can edit the order details. Open the order from the My Orders section of the homepage and select Edit order from the three-dot menu. Make the changes and press Save. See the Managing Your Orders article for more information.

Why can’t I upload a Google Doc to an order?

A Google Doc is a web-based word processing space and not a file format suitable for printing. A Google Doc is also a live document – it can be changed at any time by anyone that has edit access.

For Reprographics orders, we need a static, physical file to be uploaded and not just a shared URL. PDF is the industry standard file format for printing and is widely supported on college devices. A Google Doc can be easily exported to a PDF using the Download option in the File menu or by using the Save as PDF printer.

How do I top up the Reprographics balance for my department?

You no longer need to do this as the separate Reprographics balance for each department no longer exists. The cost for orders submitted to Reprographics is now subtracted from the user’s personal print credit after the order has been completed. We recommend keeping your credit topped up to avoid being overdrawn after collecting your order.

How do I place an order for printing on headed paper?

Headed paper is listed as an available paper option on either of the A4 Printing products.

On the order form, select Paper stockA4WhiteHeaded paper.

Can you print on sizes bigger than A3?

The college has a dedicated large format printing service which is suitable for larger sizes and photographic or fine art prints.

Visit the BPrint homepage for more information on the sizes, paper types and prices. The BPrint service is also available to students.