Changing Print Options Before Releasing a Job

For added convenience, you can edit some print options directly at the MFD before you release your print job. The cost of the print job will be recalculated automatically and the difference reflected back to your print credit.

The following changes can be made to a print job before it is released

  • The number of copies can be increased or decreased
  • A single sided job can made to print double sided
  • A colour job can be printed in greyscale

To edit these options

  1. Log in to a PrinterPool machine and select Print release
  2. Next to the job you want to edit, tap the > icon
  3. Change the settings for Copies, Duplex mode and Color mode as required. You will see the cost of the job dynamically change.
  4. Tap Print

The Duplex mode and Color mode options can only be altered in one direction, i.e. it’s not possible to change a double sided print job to single sided or to convert a greyscale job to colour.