Introduction to the PrinterPool

The PrinterPool is a system that gives you the flexibility of printing a document to a virtual holding queue which you can then release on any of the 20+ specialised machines distributed around the college. It is the main printing system for staff and students and offers you the advantage of printing on professional colour laser printers at a time and place that suits you. You can also use the PrinterPool machines to photocopy documents or scan them to your college Google Drive account or college email.

Limitations of the PrinterPool

The PrinterPool machines are very versatile. You can copy and print a wide range of documents onto media such as paper, card, transparencies and labels. You can also scan directly to PDF, JPEG and DOCX. However, there are a few things that you should avoid using the PrinterPool for…

Photographs or graphics where accurate colour reproduction and even density are required

It is worth keeping in mind that these machines are not designed for this type of print. The BPrint service should be used instead.

High-volume print runs

The PrinterPool machines are for everyone to use and shouldn’t be left unattended printing large volumes. Consider using central reprographics for your large print jobs.

Unusual paper types

Please be aware that the following types of media are not supported and shouldn’t be used in any of the PrinterPool machines. Using any of those listed below is likely to jam or damage the printers.

✕ Paper smaller than A4 or larger than A3

✕ Card thicker than 250gsm

✕ Textured paper

✕ Acetate and transparencies that haven’t been purchased from the College Shop

✕ Stapled, hole-punched or pre-perforated paper

✕ Tracing paper

✕ T-shirt transfer paper

✕ Any paper which is solely for inkjet printing

✕ Any paper which is only for use in laser printers that use fuser oil