What is Google Workspace for Education?

Google Workspace for Education is Google’s collection of cloud based productivity and collaboration apps.

Essentially, when you think of the old apps like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel, Google Workspace for Education has Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. These apps are fully online in your web browser and provide live collaboration with multiple people and almost instant saves even when you make the slightest change.

The beauty of these apps being made by Google is that they’re so easy and intuitive to use! Plus, you can use it at home for free on as many devices as you want instead of having to pay £120 to install the Microsoft apps on just one computer.

This page will give you a couple of tips for using Google Workspace for Education, and when you’re ready we have a full guide here.

The Search

Search is your friend! Google is known for search so their search is powerful. Each Google Workspace app has a search box, most likely at the top of the screen, you can see it in Drive or Gmail for example. Occasionally you won’t see the search box but rather, just a magnifying glass which, when clicked, will open the Search bar for you. You can search even just a word or sentence in Drive if you’ve forgotten the name of a file for example and it will find all documents you have with that word or sentence in.

Create a New Doc – Time Saving

Now that the end of a URL doesn’t have to be .com for example, companies can be more adventurous. Google have one of the best uses for a new ending in that you can quickly create a new document just by typing in your browser. Just type doc.new and Google will automatically create you a blank Doc instantly. Or sites.new to create a new blank website, form.new to create a new questionnaire. This saves so much time when you’re working with a lot of docs.