Google Tasks

In the last year or so Google have overhauled their Tasks system, taking it from a standalone web app to more of an integrated Google Workspace tool. Tasks allows you to create multiple To Do lists that you can view from most Google Web apps and in dedicated Android or iOS apps.

How to find Google Tasks

In a file in Docs, Sheets, Slides or in Gmail or Calendar you can find the sidebar on the right hand side.
Simply use the little arrow at the bottom of the screen to reveal or hide the sidebar. Then click on Tasks to open the Tasks window.

Create a task

  1. Click Add a task.
  2. Enter a task.
  3. To add details or a due date, click Edit.
  4. When you’re done, click Back.

Tip: To rearrange your tasks, click More > My order. Drag the tasks.


Create a list

  1. At the top, click the Down arrow.
  2. Click Create a new list.
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Click Done.

Switch between lists

  1. At the top, click the Down arrow.
  2. Click the list you want.

Rename a list

  1. Click More.
  2. Click Rename list.
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Click Done.

Organize your tasks

Reorder your tasks

  1. Click and hold a task and move it where you want.

Sort tasks by due date

  1. Click More.
  2. Under “Sort by,” click Date.

Move a task to a different list

  1. Click the task you want to move. Then, click Edit.
  2. Click the list name.
  3. Choose a list.

Find or hide completed tasks

  1. To see completed tasks, next to “Completed,” click the Down arrow.
  2. To hide, click the Up arrow.

Delete a task or list

Delete a task

  1. On the task you want to delete, click Edit.
  2. At the top, click Delete.
  3. To cancel, click Undo.

Delete a list

  1. At the top, click the Down arrow.
  2. Then, choose the list you want to delete.
  3. Click More.
  4. Click Delete list.