Copying Physical Documents

To photocopy a document

  1. Walk up to a machine and sign in as you would to release a print
  2. Press the Copy & USB print button on the screen to activate the machine
  3. From the homescreen, choose either the Copy or Copier (Classic) app. The Copy app has a more modern user interface whereas the Copier (Classic) app retains the traditional Ricoh interface for those who prefer it.

  4. Select your settings using your chosen interface. The default settings are for a single sided, greyscale print on a paper size that best matches your original document.
  5. Lift the top lid and place your document directly on the glass or, if you have multiple pages, you can stack the document in the automatic feeder on top of the machine
  6. Press the green Start button to start copying
  7. When finished, press the Logout button or swipe your ID card again


When placing on the glass, the document should be face down with the top furthest away from you. In the automatic feeder, the document should be stacked face up with the top furthest away from you.