What is my email address?

As a student what is my college Email address?

Email addresses are in the form: username@barton.ac.uk.

So a typical student email address will be like 18BB1102@barton.ac.uk or 19BN0205@barton.ac.uk.

How do I Email a member of staff?

Staff usernames are three characters. So Natalie Rushman could be NPR and Steven Rogers SIR. The best bet would be to start typing the person’s full name in the recipient’s box and the auto-suggestion will show you some similar names.

The middle character is normally picked at random and doesn’t always reference a middle name.

So a typical staff email address will be like npr@barton.ac.uk or sir@barton.ac.uk.

How can I find a users’ email address?

All members of the college community are in the same address book. Gmail will look up the address for you, just start typing the name. Student surnames are in capitals and staff surnames have only the first letter as capitals.

These would be students: Bruce WAYNE, Richard GRAYSON, Selina KYLE

And these would be staff: Anthony Stark, Natalie Rushman, Steven Rogers

You only need to know a users’ name to send a message; the system will look it up in the address book. BUT BE CAREFUL there will be some people with the same names in the address book; make sure to get the correct one!! You will need to use Firstname, Lastname to find the user.

Selina KYLE is correct, KYLE Selina is incorrect.