Logic Pro X – Troubleshooting Guide

As a student working on audio projects, you might find yourself in a situation where you experience performance degradation when playing back Logic Pro X coursework.

We’ve worked hard to build a system that can support your workload, give you reliable performance, and keep your work safe. But, just like in the real world, no system is completely foolproof.

Occasionally, you’re just going to hit a problem.

Below is a list of Symptoms that you may encounter during your course, clicking on the symptom will take you to a page that explains a little about what it means, and what we’d suggest you do to fix the problem. These messages sometimes appear a little different depending on which version of Logic you’re running; we’ll try to keep the list up to date, but if you can’t see the one you’re after, just click on the one that is a closest match.

In any case, the suggestions of ‘what to do’ are simply based on good practise, and would generally work well in any version of Logic, GarageBand, or other DAW software [on any platform].