Releasing a Print Job

First, you must locate a PrinterPool machine. The PrinterPool machines are situated in convenient places for staff and students and look like normal photocopiers. There are no standard photocopiers on site – if you see something that looks like a photocopier then it will be a PrinterPool machine.

Once you have found a machine, you need to login by holding your ID card near the card reader or by entering your college username and password using the touchscreen. Press the Print release button. Alternatively, you can press the Print All shortcut to print everything in your queue.

To print an individual job, select the job and press Print. Your document will then be downloaded and printed on the machine. If your documents contain lots of colour images or graphics, then there will be a short delay while the machine downloads the data over the network, so please be patient.

Once you have finished, remember to logout using the onscreen button or by swiping your ID card again.

How long do I have to release my print?

Your print jobs will remain in the holding queue for 12 hours, allowing you to print a document in the morning and still release it at the end of the day. After your job has been in the queue for 12 hours, it will be automatically deleted and will not be recoverable. If this happens, you will not be charged.

Cancelling a print

You can cancel a print by logging in to a PrinterPool machine, selecting a print job and pressing the bin icon. You can also cancel a print from the web interface by selecting Jobs Pending Release and then Cancel next to the relevant job. On Windows, you can access the web interface by clicking the Details… link in the print credit pop-up box. On a Chromebook, you need to launch the PaperCut MF : Summary app from the app drawer. You will not be charged for any cancelled prints.