BPrint FAQ

What is BPrint?

BPrint is a large format printing service for high quality photographic and graphic art images. You can also use this service for printing signs and banners. Click here to see the range of sizes available. Banner sizes are not available for order through the system. Please contact us if you wish to print a banner.

How do I access the BPrint service?

The BPrint ordering system can be accessed at it.barton.ac.uk/bprint or via the IT Services website.

What paper types are available?

We have several paper types available…

Canon Instant Dry Satin Photo Paper– a 190 gsm coated paper with a silky finish, suitable for photographic images.

Canon Instant Dry Gloss Photo Paper – a 190 gsm coated paper with a glossy finish, suitable for photographic images.

Canon Image Canvas – a 375 gsm canvas material suitable for frame mounting.

Canon PVC Display Film – a 220 micron matt banner material. Please contact us if you wish to print on this media.

Canon Self-Adhesive Vinyl – an 80 micron waterproof vinyl with an adhesive backing. Please contact us if you wish to print on this media.

Canon Standard Paper – an 90 gsm uncoated plain paper, suitable for technical drawings, plans and maps. Please contact us if you wish to print on this media.

For consistency and quality, we only use genuine Canon papers and inks for all of our prints.

How do I pay for my prints?

The BPrint system deducts the cost of your prints from your print credit. Make sure you have enough print credit available before placing your order. Students can top up their credit at the pay machines in the Gateway and Glyn Library. Staff should click here to top up. The prices for all of the available paper types and sizes can be found here.

What type of files can I upload?

You can only upload JPEG images. There is a size limit of 100 MB on uploaded files. We recommend saving the JPEG as a Baseline (Standard) image and not a Progressive image.

What should I do if my image is too large to upload?

If your JPEG image is larger than 100 MB, you will need to compress or resize the image prior to uploading. To check your current image settings…


  1. Open the file in Photoshop and head to Image > Image Size…
  2. Check that the Resample box is not ticked.
  3. If necessary, adjust the Width and Height values so that the image fits your chosen print size. If you need to look up your print size, click here. Take note of whether the measurements are in centimetres or millimetres!
  4. Now look at the Resolution value. If this is much greater than 300 pixels per inch, then you will need to resample your image.
  5. To resample your image, tick the Resample box and change the resolution value to 300 ppi. Your width and height values should not change when you do this.

If your filesize is still larger than 100 MB, then you can compress your image by adjusting the Quality slider when you save as a JPEG.

Why can’t I upload a PDF?

We are looking to add the functionality for PDF uploads in a future update, but in the meantime, you can easily convert your PDF to a JPEG image using Adobe Acrobat. Open your PDF in Acrobat and head to File > Export To > Image > JPEG. Before you click Save, we recommend that you enter the Settings window and change the JPEG quality options to either High or Maximum for both Greyscale and Colour images. We also suggest that you change the Resolution setting to 300 pixels/inch or 118.11 pixels/cm depending on which units are being shown. This will ensure that your image maintains a good print resolution for the size of the document. You should also make sure that the page size of the PDF is set to the same size as you wish to print at, otherwise, the resolution of the image will decrease when printed.

How long will my order take to process?

We will process your order as fast as possible. The average turnaround is normally a day or two, but may be longer during exam periods.

How do I collect my prints?

If you are printing for an Art subject, the Art department technicians will collect your prints and sort them into the correct folders at the front of each classroom. If you are printing for a subject other than Art, or printing for personal use, please collect your order from the IT Services office on the first floor of the Mountbatten building.

What should I do if I need a reprint or there is a problem with my print?

If you are an Art student and have an issue with your print, please see an Art department technician or teacher. They will either order a reprint for you or contact IT Services about your print on your behalf. All other BPrint queries can be dealt with by visiting the IT Services office in person. If you would like to request a reprint, please bring your original print with you.