Google Takeout – Export or Transfer your College data to a Personal Account

Google Takeout allows you to export all of your data from your Barton Peveril Google Account or transfer it out to your personal Google Account.

Getting onto takeout

If you do want to download all of you information from your google account, start of by going to the google takeout page, which can either be accessed by googling google takeout or by going to this web address – If you are using google takeout from home or outside of college you will need to log in, so after filling in your detail it will take you to the options page or download your data.

Managing data

Takeout allows you to select what information from your account that you wish to download, for instance if I only wanted the information from my drive but didn’t want anything from my calendar then I would make sure that the drive option was highlighted blue whereas the calendar option would be grey.

A few of the options have drop down arrows which allow you to both learn more about what will be saved from this option and allow you to refine what you will be saving. So for instance with the mail option selecting the drop down will give me the option to select whether I want all my mail to be downloaded or only emails with a certain label.

A lot of the options on this page such as the google play, books, console, etc options may be irrelevant to you and have information that you don’t really want, so it would be a good idea to make sure that they are unclick or not highlighted blue so that you file size of your data isn’t too big, which would take more time than necessary to download and extract or transfer to a new account.

The select none option makes all of the options unselected or greyed out so that its would be easier to go and select what you do want rather than having to uncheck each option. After clicking the button it will change to a select all option which does the opposite of selecting all of the options.

Options for Downloading

After deciding what you are doing to download click the next button at the bottom of the list which will take you to this page:

This is where you decide how you are doing to be downloading your information, as you can see from the screenshot, I had selected three options, however this will be different for you depending on what you selected previously.

For downloading your information, using the .zip file type would be the most suitable, as these are compatible with most computers and are more commonly used for downloading data, however if you have used .tgz previously and have the software to extract the information from this format then it ultimately comes down to your preference.

For the archive size what you have selected sets the limit to what the max amount of data google can download from you account, if the information downloaded from you account goes beyond this limit then it is split into multiple files. This can be useful if you need to email or share this information across platforms and need smaller file sizes.

And finally there is the delivery method which basically allows you to choose how this information is sent to you after takeout have finished downloading your data, there isn’t really a best option and it comes down to your personal preference and where you want to go and retrieve your zip file.


Once you have decided on how you want to download the information click the create archive option which takes you to this page:

Don’t worry about doing anything on this page and wait for the information to download, when I went to download my data it took a few minute for the % to even change from 0 however after that it is very quick. After it has finished downloading you get this page:

Click download button under details and your pc will download the file to your documents, or your downloads file if that is your default.