Mailbox Access

In Gmail, we use Shared Mailboxes so multiple people can access emails that are relevant to them. This works different to Groups where emails will be sent to different people, Mailboxes mean the email is only sent to one communal place.

Examples of this is where all the Finance team have access to a mailbox and can action requests quicker than if it was emailed to each of them individually. This also helps reduce work being done more than once by accident.

If there’s a mailbox you need access to, you’ll need someone from that department to email IT Services to ask us to add you on. Once we’ve added you, you’ll get an email within a couple of minutes asking if you want access. You’ll need to agree to that within half an hour before it expires.

Once you’ve accepted it, to access the mailbox just open Gmail and click your profile icon in the top right then select the mailbox in the list.