Paying for your Printing and Copying

Printing and copying is paid for using the print credit assigned to your user account. When your print credit reaches zero or your balance is too low to fund a print job, you will not be able release the print until your print credit is topped up. Similarly, you can only do as much copying as you have credit for.

How much does it cost?

Printing and copying are charged at the same rate. Scanning is free of charge. The costs per page are listed below.


A page is defined as a “side of print” so a single sheet of paper printed on both sides counts as two pages.

Topping up your print credit

If you are a student, you can top up your balance using a print credit station or by transferring money from your College Shop account. The print credit machines are located in either the Glyn Library or the Social Sciences open access area.

To use a print credit station, log in using your ID card, or by using the touchscreen keyboard, and insert notes or coins to increase the balance on the screen to the desired amount. The smallest value of coin accepted is 10p. Please also be aware that the machine does not give change, so all of the money entered will be added to your print credit.

To pay by card, you will first need to add funds to your online College Shop account. You can then transfer an amount over to your print credit.